-The future seems a burning hot incinerator! Check out my episode of the "Black Mirror-esque" series THE WASTELAND below! 


-Who says you can't have it all? Got to play JP Highland, a whip-smart new addition to the force who can throw back whiskey yet prefers to hang with the nerd crowd. 



-Shot new headshots with the lovely Joanna Degeneres! Check out more photos of my face here!


















FALL 2016

-1/2 hour comedy OFF THE GRID about 3 social outcasts who are sentenced to an Internet rehab center for their online crimes, and must band together against their nastiest troll yet: their therapist is premering on Thurs, Oct 6th at Sundance Cinemas. Aubrey plays Brynn an online gamer addict who can't seem to shake her "World of Warcraft" type character IRL.

Aubrey Mozino as BRYNN


Here's the trailer: 




-Just got into the Cricket Feet Showcase happening this April 26th and 27th! (Yes, post-pilot season Margaritas are on us!) We know you'll need a good laugh or two, so hope you'll RSVP and see us there! 

-Enrolled in the Advanced level at, apologies to my friends and family in advance for totally using them as a base for my characters. Your lisp is way funnier on stage, I promise! 


FALL 2015

Lots of updates! So, let's hit this bullet point style:

-Just filmed my first series regular role in new 1/2 hour comedy, OFF THE GRID written by Laura Mannino and Jeff Bower. Coming to an undisclosed streaming platform near you soon....but, here's a teaser photo:

Brynn-Produced/acted in over 30 sketches at YouTubeSpaceLA last year! Here's some of my favorites: True Love Stories. No Judgment Brunch. Top Divorced Chef (scrub to the end...)
-Currently filming a recurring role in original comedy series, THE VALLEY. Be prepared for "Sexy Time" to become a catch phrase whether you (or I) like it or not....

MAY 2014

Holy radio silence, Batman! So, it's been a minute since I've updated this page, but boy do I have some awesome updates for you:


Post Winter the film I shot last year in upstate NY had it's first screening May 3rd in NYC! Here's some photos from the event, and like the Facebook page to see more stills from the shoot!




MAY 2013

After coming down from the post-partum depression after the amazing shoot in NYC I got to and be whisked off to a fancy premiere at the FOX Studios lot for the proof-of-concept for Trainers! You can watch all 3 mini episodes on the front page of their site. I play Kaylie, the front desk girl who is desperately in love with her dreamy co-worker, Scott. Unfortunately, she's more akward then any of Kristen Stewart's red carpet interviews. 





APRIL 2013

Got to live every Silverlake resident's dream and fly to New York to shoot the lead role in a gritty indie film called Post Winter. The plot is so secretive I can only show you the back of my head and some chickens. 

Doin' the chicken dance.


Photo Credit: Jay Joseph, Jr.  



Thanks to the blog, Actress Obsession I am well on my way to becoming a scream queen and checking off a bucket list item. (Bear hug with Robin Williams still left unchecked as of now....) Take a peak at my horror film street cred (although they do call me ebullient...that may negate the cred) in the article by clicking here

Super excited to kick off the month of haunts with a screening at SHRIEKFEST 2012 in Los Angeles. Come with an extra set of underwear and watch Blue Hole with me on Saturday, Oct. 6th at Noon! Oh, and if you happen to know of any kick butt haunted houses in the Los Angeles area....give me a shout!


The horror short, Blue Hole I filmed last December has been accepted into 17 film festivals this year! Some of our bragging rights include: Shriekfest, NJ Horrorfest, New Orleans Horror Film Festival, and the Carnival of Darkness 3.  



Started classes at Groundlings with founder, Phyllis Katz. Hoping I can keep my comedy girl crush suppressed throughout the length of class.....

JULY 2012

For the fans of the film, TRIPLE DOG you can catch it a couple more times in August on the Lifetime Movie Network. For those who aren't fans yet, you're in for a treat. (And *SPOILER ALERT* it's my bald head!) 

The trailer for the series, TRAINERS was just released. Rumor has it Aubrey takes off her shirt while jogging on a treadmill.....mrow! 



JUNE 2012

Really excited to show off my new reel thanks to the wizards at EditPlus! Should be getting some great new comedic footage to add to it this summer, but in the meantime check out this rare footage of Aubrey Mozino in her natural habitiat (the imaginary one of course...): 





BLUE HOLE WON(!!!) Best Short Film (Honorable Mention) at the LA Fear and Fantasy Fest. Here's Caitlin Rose Williams and I at the premiere (photo Copyright Erik Gardner):


Caitlin Williams and I at the premiere!


MAY 2012

BLUE HOLE, a short horror film Aubrey has a supporting role in, will be debuting May 18th at the Fear & Fantasy Film Festival in Los Angeles! You can buy tickets to watch it with Aubrey here: She promises to hold your hand if you get scared.....

APRIL 2012

All those hours on the Arc Trainer paid off! Aubrey just booked the role of personal trainer KAYLIE in the comedic webseries TRAINERS!

The photos are here! Fellow NYC expat David Muller blew Aubrey's mind by making the headshot process actually seem FUN. (Novel idea, right?!) She's got 4 brand new looks to show you guys over on the photos page. But here's a little somethin' extra you won't find over here:


Aubrey booked a guest star on the webseries, Good Times about working at a trendy restaurant. She plays a type-a assistant to the stars who's brought in to help the other servers learn to love the art of multi-tasking. The role might have been a bullseye for Aubrey...... 

Hungry for more photos? If so, might I suggest eating a sandwich instead? But, if you are eager to see new "left coast" headshots then you will only have to wait a little longer! Aubrey will be shooting new shots with photographer, David Muller this month! 

Aubrey finished a UCB Improv. class with David Harris. She looks forward to being an even wittier Tweeter.

MARCH 2012

Aubrey signed with Susan Nathe & Associates for Commerical and Theatrical representation! She is super pumped to be on their team. (Do people still stay pumped?) 

WORKING CLASS NIGHTMARE the hilarious zombie webseries Aubrey shot this past summer in NYC is live! (for the time being! har har!) Visit to learn more! In the meantime check out episode 1: 





Currently enrolled in a UCB 101 Improv. class with David Harris. She's looking forward to becoming a fully upright citizen!