ABC's What Would You Do?

Hidden camera show that is completely improvised to see how unsuspecting people react to witnessing unusual situations. 


 WWYD? - Racist Parents Of An Interracial Couple... 



TRAINERS follows a band of misfit Personal Trainers who battle each other, absurd clients, and the threat of their less than lovely LA-based gym closing its doors for good. I play Kaylie the front desk girl who's a few sandwiches short of a picnic.....oh, and she's desperately in love with her dreamy co-worker, Scott. (Why are there never any unattractive people named Scott?)




Working Class Nightmare

Five working class losers go on a life changing journey through New Jersey in which they find love, strength, and purpose. Because the zombie apocalypse can only be a positive experience when you didn't have much going for you in the first place.

Live In 5

The off-air hijinks of a local news station from the perspective of a hidden camera in their breakroom.

Other Media

Commercial Voice Over Reel

Live In 5: Watch all the episodes from seasons 1&2 of KoldCast's hit comedic web series!