The Wasteland Ep 2.3 "The Common Good" from David Beatty on Vimeo.

Ready, Aim, Fire. from Aubrey Mozino on Vimeo.

LEAVE Ending Trimmed from Aubrey Mozino on Vimeo.

ABC's What Would You Do?

Hidden camera show that is completely improvised to see how unsuspecting people react to witnessing unusual situations. 


 WWYD? - Racist Parents Of An Interracial Couple... 



TRAINERS follows a band of misfit Personal Trainers who battle each other, absurd clients, and the threat of their less than lovely LA-based gym closing its doors for good. I play Kaylie the front desk girl who's a few sandwiches short of a picnic.....oh, and she's desperately in love with her dreamy co-worker, Scott. (Why are there never any unattractive people named Scott?)




Working Class Nightmare

Five working class losers go on a life changing journey through New Jersey in which they find love, strength, and purpose. Because the zombie apocalypse can only be a positive experience when you didn't have much going for you in the first place.

Live In 5

The off-air hijinks of a local news station from the perspective of a hidden camera in their breakroom.

Other Media

Commercial Voice Over Reel

Live In 5: Watch all the episodes from seasons 1&2 of KoldCast's hit comedic web series!