In addition to being an actor and filmmaker, Aubrey Mozino has eaten the hottest pepper on the black market, the Chocolate Bhutlah, without throwing up. Before moving to LA,  Aubrey studied theatre and producing at NYU & was lucky enough to train with Bill Esper at the William Esper Studio. She worked on features like What Goes Up and Triple Dog. She also had a recurring role on ABC's hidden camera show What Would You Do?, performing mostly evil characters (mwhahaha!), in a show that she describes as "highest stakes improv." 

Having made the jump out west to LA, she runs the international production company and film collective, We Make Movies which had created over 150 shorts, series and features and empowers fellow actors and filmmakers to make the movies THEY want to see! She recently worked on the dystopian futuristic series, THE WASTELAND and (spoiler alert) we'll all need a lot more then sunscreen to survive and thrive in 2090 and the 1/2 hour comedy pilot OFF THE GRID about rehab for tech addicts (there's probably a waiting list now...) She also has taught workshops on mobile filmmaking around the US so people would genuinely have 0 excuses to get off their asses and make their own stuff! During her free time, she feeds her Escape Room addiction (still working on the deeper meaning of why she loves being locked in rooms in therapy) and loves to give restaurant recommendations to strangers. Probably whether you ask for them or not. Sorry. Just please don’t call her the "F word"..... Foodie. Eech.